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Mengshen Wireless Vibration Alarm, Anti-theft Burglar Alarm for Bicycle/Bike/Motorcycle/Car/Vehicles/Door/Window, 110db Super Loud (Remote Control Included)





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Home door window/ Bicycle/ Motorcycle/ Car Burglar Alarm

Thanks for coming, you deserve the best! This is Mengshen’s home security wireless Home/ Bicycle/ Car burglar alarm. It can be widely used in home, shop, garages, office and other needed places.

105db Super Security Alarm

Tiny and Fashion design. Once triggered, 105 db super loud alert will be a great deterrence, can effectively scare thieves away.

Power Supply:
Low-consumption design,which makes it can work for a long time.
Host battery: 2*AAA alkaline batteries (Not included)
Remote control battery: 12V/27A alkaline battery (Included)

Simple Installation

Simple Installation
There is double-sided adhesive on Host Alarm, just peel and stick to install them on the door, bicycle, motorcycle, car or anywhere.

Please Note:
1) The vibration alarm can be used in outdoor, but you would better install it in somewhere get away from the rain. For example, under the bicycle seat.

2) The internal vibration sensor is located at horizontal position, we recommend you install it in a horizontal direction to obtain a best effect.

Three Main Features

Sensitivity Adjustable
The host alarm sensitivity is designed to have 10 levels. You can set appropriate level according to different occasions.

The factory default is the highest sensitivity(the first level).Instruction to change sensitivity is listed below:
1) Press “Disarm”(Lock sign) and hold on, indicator of the remote control turn off, then lights up after 3 seconds, then release disarm key and press the learn code key(doorbell sign) to adjust the sensitivity level.
2) When alarm is in the highest sensitivity, it will sound a long “Bi……”, every time when you press learn code key once, the sensitivity will turn to next level, 2, 3, 4…..

Easy Operation
1) arm key: Press it, once triggered, alarm will bell 105db voice,

2) disarm key: Press it, the arm status or loud voice will stop,

3) SOS key: Press it under arm status, the alarm will bell 105db voice though host is not triggered. This function will be very helpful when someone is in danger or need emergent help.

4) doorbell key: Press it, once triggered, it will bell “dingdong” to alert you someone is coming in. It is also “Learn code button” when you need to add extra remote controls for the alarm.


More Options
1) The extra remote control and alarm need to pair,
2) One remote control could control many alarms,
3) One alarm could be controlled by at most 8 remote control.

If you need to increace more remote control for your family members, just search “MS-AR01”. For pair instruction, please refer to description of the remote control.


Alarm with ON/OFF switch, and remote control with Alarm Disarm Door bell and Emergency buttons for easy operation.
105dB ultra loud alarm sound which can last about 40 seconds, Low energy and long work time;
Perfect to protect your shop, office, home or anywhere requiring protection. Let you enjoy a safe and comfortable life!
More Options: If you need extra remote controls for family member or just for spare. Pls refer to “More Remote Control” in the “Special offers and product promotions”.



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