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Esky Key Finder, Wireless Key Finders with 6 Receivers RF Item Locator, Item Tracker Support Remote Control, Pet Tracker, Wallet Tracker, Good Idea for Find Your Lost Items





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Are you going through this hellish period of “You’ve got to be kidding me? What do you mean you don’t remember where you put it ?!” “Oh Mom, you can’t find your cat again?”

Well, then Esky KEY FINDER is the best gift for you and your family! Attach the receivers to keys, remotes, purses, glasses, canes, and other easily lost stuff, with one press on buttons of remote, the beeping will trigger through walls, coaches and quickly lead you to them.









Long Transmitting Range

With an alert reminder delivered from the receiver (max. 100ft) to quickly lead you to your lost item. Radio frequency can easily penetrates though walls, cushions and doors to find the lost item up to 50ft away, but 164ft away in an open space.

Key finder with 6 Receivers

Our key finder kit includes 6 small and slim receivers/finders. You can easily attach them to the items such as keys, bags, wallet, dogs, cats, remote controls, spectacle case etc.

Best gifts for everybody

For aging parents! For a forgetful wife and husband! For naughty children to play games! It is so useful in daily life that nearly all people may need it.

Picture this- you’re late for work, rushing out the door, and just as you’re ready to leave your keys are nowhere to be found. If you’re anything like is, this is a situation you’ve found yourself in a few times (ok, maybe all the time). Don’t waste time looking for your stuff. Let the Esky 6-in-1 key finder do it for you! This amazing key and wallet finder takes the headache out of lost items. With 6 receivers and one universal remote, you’ll be able to find half a dozen of your most important possessions in an instant. Just attack a sticker to the receiver, attach the receiver to the item of your choice, and label one button on the remote with the matching sticker. When you need to find your stuff, just press the corresponding button! The receiver will emit a loud, cant-miss 80db beep to help you locate the item in a few quick seconds. This handy key finder can find your stuff no matter how far away it is-the extra-wide radio frequency radius can locate objects up to 100 ft away. Stay organized with the Esky 6-in-1 key holder!

Package Contents

– 1 x Transmitter

– 6 x Receivers

– 6 x Key Ring

– 6 x Hooks

– 6 x batteries (CR2032)

– 6 x Velcro Straps

– 2 x Stickers (icons and blank labels)

– 1 x User Manual

Stay Organized with Stickers: We’ve included blank stickers and 11 icon stickers to take the guess work out of tracking. Place one sticker (blank or icon) onto the individual tracker and place the other sticker with the corresponding color on the remote button. When you need to locate your stuff, just push the color-coded button
Keep Track of What Matters Most: Lost your keys? Can’t find your wallet? Looking for your dog? The Esky 6-in-1 Key Finder takes the stress out of lost stuff. Attach the 6 included receivers to your keychain, wallet, dog’s collar, TV remote, or anything else that’s tricky to keep track of. Press the matching button on the remote to find your valuables instantly
Loud 80db Beep: Finding your items is simple. Just follow the sound! Once you press the corresponding button on the remote, device will emit a loud 80db beep that can be heard from great distances.
Long-Distance Tracking: With the Esky 6-in-1 key finder, you’ll be able to find your stuff no matter how far away it is. Advanced radio frequency technology penetrates through walls, doors, and furniture, locating your items from up to 100 feet away.
Ultra-long Battery Life: When you’re scrambling to find your things, a dead tracker is the last thing you need. Our ultra-powerful batteries will last up to 1 full year! Both the receivers and the remote will be ready to go whenever (and wherever) you need them.



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